My Mindful Closet • Thoughts on Ethical Fashion

Taking an opportunity here to share some photos from a spontaneous little photo shoot with my Instagram husband, during an afternoon in downtown St. Petersburg. The weather was breezy and warm, these spots caught my eye on our drive (that yellow and orange beauty, tho?!), and I was reallllly feeling this vintage dress that I found at our favorite thrift store a few weeks back.


A thrift store dress that I quite literally scored for $6. Did you know that the good majority of my closet these days is filled with pieces similar to this dress?

It hasn’t always been this way - I used to be a full fast fashion gal back in the good ole’ college days. But as my mindset has taken a 180 shift in the last year on how I grow my wardrobe, thrifting has easily become my favorite way to shop - for its affordable price point and its ability to give otherwise discarded pieces new life (can I get an amen for this environmentally sustainable way to shop?!). In all honesty - some of the nicest, sturdiest, prettiest, hand-made in the USA, pieces that I own, have all come from my local thrift store! It just took some time and patience in order to seek them out.


And after I’ve exhausted the thrift shop option, when I’m ready to begin looking for something a lot more specific, with an investment-like quality to it - I’ve found that I like to pick from these brands below:
My absolute favorites for their sustainable/ socially conscious practices and brand stories!

 • Ma Ma Osa - Did you know that I helped found this brand with my mom? Yep! It’s her shop. Where she designs and sews linen garments for women - all by hand - as if she was everyone’s own Mama. This is the place that I’ll visit first when I’m looking for something classic, beautiful, and high in quality - supporting my own mother in the process just feels like the coolest added bonus ever in the end!

* Everlane - Everlane has my heart these days. Their clean, quality, hella versatile pieces just speak to me. Their prices are super transparent - so you know exactly where and how your pieces are coming into your life. I love their mission to do good in this world just as much as I love their products!

* Elizabeth Suzann - I can’t get enough of her romantic, classic pieces that seem to just scream “I will be in your life forever” at me! It’s my dream to own several of her pieces one day. Bonus points - I’m absolutely obsessed with her shop’s story and transparency. The heartbeat behind their work reminds me of my mother, and that always hits home.

• Only Child - One of the first brands I feel in love with along this journey to an sustainable/ ethical closet. I'm in love with the fact that all their items are hand-made to order right out of CA!

* Hackwith Design House - New to my list - but I’m already completely bought in to their brand story and stunning product lines (that swim collection tho — ah!) which are all made in America!

* Christy Dawn - My favorite shop for their summery dresses that make ya just want to run through a field somewhere (provided my inspiration for these photos here, actually!) I love their story, hand-made process, and commitment to using deadstock fabric!

* Apprvl NYC - Hello stunning hand-made accessories, made with natural dyes!

* Nisolo - Although I’m afraid their sizing prevents me from shopping with this stunning brand (and all the size 11 girls raise their hand with me now), I’ll recommend this shoe company to anyone out there, looking for shoes from a company with an incredible mission and way of doing business in this world.

* Vrai and Oro - And when it comes to fine jewelry with quality craftsmanship and shockingly transparent pricing, I looooove to recommend Vrai and Oro. Solid gold jewelry, made and sold with intention - never felt so accessible here (especially as a young 20-something).


At the end of the day, it’s just so important to give myself grace surrounding this process of shopping with social and environmental intention. Sometimes I can’t save the world, find a jean that fits my body perfectly, and then afford it - all at the same time. I’m young, sometimes I’m a little broke, and that’s alright! My heart can be focused on all the right goals, and I can still LOVE Anthro and Madewell, while doing my best to grow my closet away from fast fashion trends and into this new wave of sustainability one day at a time! Baby steps, baby steps! It’s all about thoughtful balance.

If this fashion journey of mine is something that you’d love to hear more from me about (why I started seeking out brands like these - how I shifted my mindset to pay more, for fewer, quality pieces - the new brands that I’ll continue to find along the way - etc.) - let me know! I’d love to share as much of this journey to an intentional closet as you’d like to hear!


- Anna