Sunday Date Day

I think that Jesús and I might be the biggest fans of dates to the green house. We’re also super big fans of simple weekend dates that involve bouncing back and forth between the spots in our city that we love, grocery shopping, picnicking, and keeping things chill after a hectic week.

This past Sunday was just that kind of date-day, and I thought it would be fun to document it along the way.


First Stop: Driftwood Garden Center in Estero, FL. (My favorite garden center for its super diverse plant selection and pretty space!)

We had a couple stops planned before this one: Rust Never Sleeps Architectural Salvage in Downtown Fort Myers annnnd Gannon's Antiques and Art Center - but, it was Sunday, we forgot it was Sunday, and both were close when we showed up. Ha! So we made our way down to Driftwood instead.


These colors. My heart. I love this place.


You better believe that plant came home with us! Couldn't resist those pretty little flowers.


Second Stop: Trader Joe's! For groceries, and flowers of course. While we we're shopping, we picked out some cheese, crackers, a red pepper spread and fruit to take with us over to the park for lunch.

Third Stop: Picnic! Woo!

I grew up picnicking and the love has remained all my life. They're so simple, easy and special for the way that they encourage you to slow the heck down and take a breathe outside mid-day. We keep a picnic blanket in our car at all times for stuff like this. On the semi-rare occasion that we drive out to the beach for a sunset or eat in the park, it comes in handy!


Last Stop: Home sweet home at our good ole' Chez Núñez. We unpacked groceries, I arranged these pretty Trader Joe's peonies, and then we hung around at home before going to church that evening.


And there it is! Our Sunday Date Day! May it inspire all the picnics and slow afternoons with the one you love most.


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