I’m Anna! An artist, plant lady, ice cream lover, and Jessica Day-like joke sharer - who gets to live and work as a freelancer in Southwest Florida! Hello, sunshine state friends!

My bread and butter is graphic design, as I apply it most often to custom, illustrative logo design and the development of hand-crafted branding essentials with a range of clients.

As an art school grad, it may come as no surprise to learn that I also love to flex my creativity in a range of other areas when I’m not working! My portfolio and blog here is centered on an intent to share my photography, travels, painting and writing - in addition to the illustration and design projects that I so love to take part in.

My values are wholeheartedly centered on the art of listening and collaborating. I believe in you, your purpose as a unique and beautiful human, and I’ll stop at nothing to encourage folks around me (in person or in internet land) to follow their passions, at whatever capacity, no matter their stage in life!
So please do have a look around! Feel free to stay a while or inquire about working with one another. I'm so excited to hear from you.


Anna graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017 with her bachelor’s in Studio Art, and double minors in Marketing and Advertising. She lives with her husband - a badass musician and realtor - Jesús, in Fort Myers, FL. They call a 1920's apartment their home, and share it with a big happy family of plant babes.

*To inquire for project pricing and timeline estimates, please contact me with a submission, a hello, and some key details about what you're lookin' for!