My Love Language

Ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, allow me to introduce you to the 6th (my self-proclaimed addition to the list): ice cream.

If you know me at all (and I hope that this space will invite you to know me well) then this makes perfect sense. Ice cream is my third true love, the way to my heart. So in honor of this, I felt that my favorite childhood spot for the beloved thing deserved a home here on the blog.

The Candy Kitchen, and its homemade ice cream, have been a Madeira Beach (St. Pete) staple in my life for as long as I can remember. We visited this place almost religiously after every family beach trip. Its tiny hole in the wall charm and my order of chocolate peanut butter in a waffle cone have become more and more nostalgic the older I get. Feels sweet to share about it through photographs.

Enjoy, my friend! Treat yo self to your favorite ice cream today in honor of this post!


TravelAnna Nunez