TeBella Tea Company

Earlier this year, I was able to partner with a brand that’s been in my life since high school, by directing, styling, modeling and drawing for two shoots, all with the intent to bring awareness to their location in downtown St. Pete, and create content for their social platforms.

This sweet brand (loved by my whole family for years) is TeBella Tea Company

Their beautiful location in my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL sits inside of Station House St. Pete (another awesome company that does rad work, but exists entirely separately from the fully operational TeBella Tea counter on the second floor)

We started the shoot at their location to show off the charm and aesthetic beauty of their shop - located right inside those big arches. Then I headed on home, with their tea in hand, to start drawing and arranging a flatlay photo for what would become a partnered Instagram post.

Working with my friends at TeBella Tea on these images was nothing short of magical. With all the freedom to collaborate creatively on ideas, I couldn’t ask for a more fun project!

And I’m so excited to share some highlights (and behind the scenes) from the shoots with you here!




Behind the scenes of our flatlay

Behind the scenes of our flatlay

DSCF2475 2.JPG

The finished product! Drawn entirely by hand to sit overtop this image!

Our flatlay features:
- A mug full of Strawberry Rosé (Herbal Tea) - that I was sipping on during this whole shoot ☺️
- Mango Melange (Herbal Tea)
- Earl Grey Lavender (Black Tea)
- Pineapple Paradiso (Herbal Tea)
- Mint Julep (White Tea)
- Limoncello (Rooibos)
- Oolong Nirvana Tea