Mejuri • Dôme Collection


A collection of images from a recent collaboration with Mejuri - a jewelry company that I love dearly for their kind hearts, attention to quality, and stunning minimalist style. 

The bracelet featured here is the Dôme Bracelet by Mejuri. I love the way that it double clasps on one side, and how it seems to match about every single thing I wear.

To show it off, I created an installation style backdrop out of vintage cardstock papers (no joke - Jesús found a stack of these from the 1960's!) and I thought the colors ended up complimenting the concept oh so well. Creating sculptural, temporary pieces like this backdrop has been a long time passion of mine (brings me so much joy), and it's something I hope to be sharing a lot more of in the future!

So here's to classic style, creativity, and the brands we love!


DSCF2645 2.JPG