Last Week of 2017 in Dahlonega, GA

This trip was one of those last-minute kinds: booked entirely on a whim (3 days beforehand, to be exact), with an itch to squeeze in one more trip before 2017 was over, a need to refuel and re-inspire, and ended up being pulled off on a super tight budget!

You know that really awkward space between Christmas and New Year’s? The area of time that passes kind of slowly and awkwardly as you sit and wonder if you should be working, working off that pie, or basking in the holiday naps just a little longer before the January 1st hits? And then you really have to presume life back as normal? WELL. We decided to use that time to get away last year, to give that frame of time some more purpose, and I can already see it as a tradition that we may need to be coming back to.

So we left the day after Christmas, with a car packed full of music gear (for Jesús) and paints (for me), and drove on up to a cabin in Dahlonega, GA. A town we’ve never heard of before, but trusted for the nick name of Georgia’s wine country and it's proximity to some small mountains. Seemed like enough inspiration for us - and so it was!


As we spent the next 5 days or so, chilling out in the woods, working on our own respective passion projects and unplugging from the internet world, the trip became everything we needed it to be at the end of a pretty heavy year. Even despite my catching a cold, the 40F degree weather, Jesús’s having to learn how to use a wood burning furnace for the first time (lol), and a long drive up from Florida, we made the most out of it all, and found so much purpose along the ride.

So with this, I would encourage you deeply, to travel intentionally for the sake of inspiration. Be as spontaneous as you can allow yourself to be.

I think that life can be all the more fun when it’s filled to the brim with experiences and the people you love. Even if that experience is less than glamorous, a short length, or a quick distance away.

oxo - Anna