Branding: Silvertone / Bar Concept

silvertone branding by chez nunez

My ideas for Silvertone Bar + Cocktail Lounge was birthed in a very similar way as Arie + Ellis’s brand - with a ‘what if’ question: what if someone came to me with a plan for a cocktail bar and free reign on the branding? I mean, that would be pretty dang fun.

So I took that spark of a design challenge and ran with it from there.

To shed light on the aesthetic influences for Silvertone Bar + Cocktail Lounge, I’ll clarify that I was super inspired by some 50’s design references, playing cards, and an overall retro vibe - pieces of design that I’ve never explored or attempted to create for myself before!

The full and detailed card-like logo was actually the first look in the branding set that I created, with the same kind of refinement as a large piece of art. And from there, everything else became an extension of that one piece.

silvertone bar logo sketches by anna nunez

The root name of the bar was recommended to me by my husband, Jesús, and was adopted very quickly for the smooth, vibey sound of the name ‘Silvertone’ and the neat connection to an established brand of instruments and electronics.

silvertone branding suite by chez nunez

As for the illustrated imagery, I was immediately drawn to the Blue Thistle. Didn’t even have to search for ideas.

It’s a flower (or should I say weed) that’s known for its silver-ish blue coloring, and a prickly form that I was just dying to draw.

I truly feel that if a sophisticated-and-polished-meets-underground-and-slightly-gritty-whiskey-bar had to become a flower, it would most definitely turn into a blue thistle.

silvertone bar pattern by anna nunez
Silvertone Bar-10.png

Overall, my favorite thing about this brand has to be the fact that it’s so different from my usual projects or style that I’m the most comfortable with. It was a true challenge, and even if I am to be considered unsuccessful, I felt personal and technical growth through it. And isn’t that what really counts at the end of a series of explorations like these?

I learned through this Silvertone concept, and the rest of my concept series brands (see past blog posts!), that I can in fact try new things. It’s okay. It’s not as scary as I’ve always made it out to be. Thankfully, I can also use these lessons as motivation to continue trying things outside my comfort zone for the sake of growth. The road blocks and the self doubt shouldn’t have the power over us that it does. The road to a creative life should be so much more freeing and fun.

It’s my hope that I (and you) can navigate it with a bit more ease.

If you followed along in this series or read through any of the past 3 concept posts regarding my experimental New Year’s branding projects, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your time spent here with me and my work means so much.


silvertone bar branding by anna nunez