Branding: Arie and Ellis / Children's Boutique Concept

Named after the children of one of my best friends, Arie and Ellis is a brand concept for a fictitious clothing-line or respective boutique - for the babes in your life.

I’ve had the image of a brand like this one in my head for quite some time now. Playful imagery or shapes, abstract patterns and a vintage muted color palette were the three elements in my creative toolbox that I really wanted to explore in this exercise. I thought to myself - “if I had the free reign to design a high end- yet highly adorable children’s brand, what would it look like?” And here we are with my best shot.

I wasn’t going to be one that waited around for a dream client to land a complimentary vision like this in my lap - when I had the confidence to play with these looks and ideas freely. Challenge myself, and commit to growth - that’s all I set out to do - without any investments required to create an actual, physical ‘Arie + Ellis’ shop or clothing line to go with my designs… for now at least. ;)

Even though I didn’t take to a sewing machine or open a shop, I did decide to try venturing a little more into the physical realm of things with these designs in the creation of some paper-doll inspired flaylays. A behind-the-scenes photo (above) shows my exact process for that: the hand painting, drawing and pattern making that I did to bring some branded photographs to life. If Arie and Ellis was a real life business, I could imagine that these photos would be useful as promotional tools - in email campaigns, social media photos or even the cover of a look-book/ seasonal catalogue.

It’s amazing what fun things can happen, whenever I decide to cross over or combine media on a project.

If a project like Arie and Ellis - in style or free-flowing exploration- ever finds it’s way home to me, I would happily take it.

Next up (next week!) I’ll be presenting another close-up look at a ficticious brand that I’ve had on my heart and mind ever since we visited Paris in the summer of ‘18.

I hope you’ll come back around and check it out!