Gear List: What I Use for Fine Art

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In case you haven’t heard from me yet, I majored in studio art when I was in college, where I focused in on drawing and printmaking for the majority of my time there. After graduating, I dove further into drawing and began to also explore the creation of more painted and mix-media pieces. Through my continuing effort to make abstract work for the joy of it, I’ve found and tried out a good amount of supplies, tools and materials along the way.

Here’s a comprehensive look at some preferred tools, media and gear that I’ve incorporating in my practice of making art!



  • Simply Simmons Brushes (I have a wide variety of sizes - these just tend to be my favorite brushes)

  • Royal and Langnickle Brushes (a great cheap brush option)

    • I’d also recommend physically going into a craft store and checking out all your options. It’s crazy how many sizes and types of brushes there are - and what you use is entirely up to preference.

Dry Media:


  • FrogTape

  • Duck Painter Tape

  • Faber-Castell Dust-Free Eraser (these are so good, especially when used on cotton paper).

  • Masonite Board (This is for taping down my work on paper while I’m creating - this keeps the paper from warping as much. You should be able to buy some at any Home Depot or Lowes)

  • Sudio Bluetooth Tolv Earbuds or Regent Headphones - these aren’t always necessary, but Jesús and I live and work in a small space, so they’re super really help when I can’t play music out loud. I also love that they’re bluetooth, so I don’t have to worry about any cords dipping in paint! If you’d like to buy some, use the code ‘nunez15’ at checkout for 15% off.

  • Vintage or thrifted containers/ jars/ surfaces

Surface Materials:

Where I shop:

What I Use For Art - Tools + Media

There it is (give or take a few odds and ends materials)! May this list be nothing but helpful in your process of finding your own preferred media and tools for making artwork! As a simple reminder, these are all just my personal preferences that I’ve found and enjoyed over time - if you try any of them out, there’s always a chance that you might find other goods or brands in the process which you love even more! I think art supplies are subjective things - there’s no right or wrong tool if it gets you closer to your vision!

I’ve truly enjoyed the process of expanding my toolbox based on the recommendations of others, and hope the same for you.

Another friendly disclaimer: the Amazon links that I’ve shared in this post are all affiliate links - which does mean that I’ll get a tiny percentage of sale if purchased (and would help pay my bills - yay!). If you’re looking for the cheapest option for a lot of these art supplies however, I’d personally recommend bypassing Amazon first and looking for your supplies at a local arts and crafts store! I can always get my paints and brushes super cheap at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby with the use of their coupons - but sometimes Amazon comes in real handy for the sake of convenience.

I make sure to ONLY share links that I’ve personally bought from in hopes that it might make your life a little bit easier as well. Thanks so much for the support always - I get to do what I do for a living because of people like you.

Here’s to making more art! Woo!

What I Use For Art - Tools + Media
What I Use For Art - Tools + Media
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