Listening List for Summer

As a designer, artist and business woman, I find myself with a lot of listening time available in my day-to-day life and work routines. After years of exhausting tons of music and playing The Office or New Girl on a loop in the background as I worked on illustration or design projects (no shame in that game), I really wanted to look for some more productive or educational ways to fill the silence of an afternoon spent in front of my screen.

Podcasts have been such a game changer for me in this effort, and in my search to cover a variety of topics in business, art and living a creative, fulfilling life, I’ve uncovered a wealth of knowledge that I really wanted to share with you here.

I’ve rounded up 6 stand-out episodes from some of my favorite podcasts, that have impacted my life, the things I create, and the way that I approach business in an intentional/ meaningful way. I hope you’ll give each one a listen if you haven’t before, and check out the rest of the episodes from these channels as well.


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1. The Tim Ferriss Show: #376: How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions

I’ve been growing more and more fascinated with Seth Godin’s perspective, ideas, and written contribution to this world ever since I first heard his Creative Mornings talk, which aired back in 2016. In this episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, I got to see worlds collide as Seth chats with another man who’s been an incredible inspiration in my life lately - Tim Ferriss.

While listening to their chat, I particularly loved learning about Seth Godin’s life and business habits, suggestions for ‘wantrepreneurs’, the differences between a freelancer and entrepreneur, his thoughts on our relationship to fear, and why his chef friends deem his cookbook collection the most impressive they’ve ever seen.

There’s so much to think about and break down, that I had to listen to the episode in several increments just to digest all the goodness.


2. The Goal Digger Podcast: A Conversation with Tony Robbins

My favorite podcast of Jenna Kutcher’s to date. This conversation is full of empowering reminders, inspiration and moving calls to action. “Tony Robbins helps people live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life, and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be” - Jenna Kutcher.

Jenna and Tony chat about how women can step up to the plate, the necessary steps for making change in our lives and the importance of investing in ourselves. I love the value that Tony Robbins places on generosity and living with an abundant mindset - plus the closing call that he shares about gave me goose bumps.


3. NPR’s How I Built This with Guy Raz: Joe Gebbia of Airbnb

Even though the story of how Airbnb came to exist isn’t necessarily one that I could ever or will ever try to emulate, it’s one that I’ll constantly admire and come back to over and over for inspiration. I was amazed by Joe Gebbia’s resourcefulness, passion and resilience as he shares insights on what it was like to start Airbnb. I think there’s something there that all of us can draw from.


4. Raw Milk Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself as a Multi-Passionate Creative – with Rebekka Seale

This podcast has been one that I’ve referenced often since first listening to it. Although I truly love all of Beth Kirby’s episodes and her authentic approach to insightful conversation with creative entrepreneurs - I found this one to be especially inspiring because Rebekka Seale elaborates on a concept that I think can become so scary to a number of creative people. It’s the idea that it’s okay to change your mind, or start over, and enter into new things that you’re feeling called to.


5. Art for Your Ears: Heather Day

Heather Day is one of my favorite present-day fine artists. Not only do I feel drawn to the overall aesthetic of her work, I truly resonate with the way that she approaches art in business, and the impact that she makes on her surrounding community through Studio Table. It was so refreshing to learn more about her story in this podcast episode by getting an inside look at her creative process and life as an artist. I always love going back to Art for Your Ears for inspiration in my studio practice and abstract art - it’s a really nice breather from some of the more heavy, business-oriented podcasts I fill my ears with most days.


6. Armchair Expert: Samin Nosrat

Although I definitely consider Armchair Expert to be a super leisurely, fun listen - that I take on runs, and blast while cleaning - I also find it to hold an incredible wealth of creative business inspiration through the stories that featured actors and celebrities share. The commonality that I always love to listen for: no matter the level of public success, everyone has fears and doubts and struggles. Dax Shepard’s guests are always quick to remind me that we’re all human, and we’re all just trying our best.

In this episode in particular, I looooved learning about the story of Samin Nosrat’s life and her dedication to continue on a path which would eventually lead to her book ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ and the corresponding 4-part docuseries on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet - go watch it - and then hop into this podcast to hear her refreshing chat with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.


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