January in Colorado

Hey Colorado, I love you. I love you so much for the way that you seem to embody the most full, rich version of a season whenever I visit you. It’s like you laughed at the other states, and said, “want to see winter, oh, I’ll show you a gorgeous winter” or “you think you know summer? Well, have you seen the kind of wild flowers and fields we slap all over yours”?!


Okay, that’s dramatic. All states have their gorgeous days and their crappy ones. But I never seem to catch my pal CO on a bad day - June or January!

This trip was this January, 2018. A fun way to kick the year off. A girls trip that I took with my sister and Mama to go stay with our sweet family that lives just outside Denver. When we were there, we got to drive all around Denver, Breckenridge, and Palmer Lake. It was a quick long-weekend trip, but a sweet one. We got to visit on a particularly warm weekend, and so with our trip to the city, it was as if we hopped into a sunny fall day - and then one snow day led to the most beautiful snow-dusted winder day after that.

Fall and the Winter. My mind was blown. Can you tell I’m from Florida and romanticize the hell out of seasons?! Ha!

To each his own.

Anyway, while we visited, these are some of the places we checked out!


  • Queen City General Store
  • City oh City (PLEASE do yourself a favor and order their savory waffle)
  • CALL (that Stella Marie Baer mural tho)
  • Denver Central Market - Crema has lovely coffee inside and there’s an adorable chocolate counter


  • Crepes-a-la-Carte (Any of them, all of them - these crepes are life changing)
  • Daylight Donuts - yep
  • Tubing Outside Breck, in Frisco (the most fun way to not break your legs ski-ing, if you’re as clumsy as I am)
Queen City General Store

Queen City General Store



SEE?! Fall one day

SEE?! Fall one day

Winter the next

Winter the next

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