Chez Núñez Lightroom Preset Bundle (Desktop + Mobile)

Chez Núñez Lightroom Preset Bundle (Desktop + Mobile)


This collection of seven thoughtfully crafted Lightroom presets are my go-to editing tools for all the images that you see on the Chez Núñez site and my Instagram (@annannunez). Developed over the course of several years, I’m so excited to finally make them available for all.

Presets included in our Lightroom Bundle:


All 7 presets will be delivered in two Lightroom compatible file types - lrtemplate and dng type files - making each preset suitable for editing in Lightroom DESKTOP and the Lightroom MOBILE app.

Although these presets were designed to preform best on RAW images, they work well on JPEG’s too!

Once you place your order, you’ll receive a link to download your files, a list of resources for installation and a handful of tips on how to make the most of your new Chez Núñez presets.

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Chez Núñez – 01 Classico

Classico is my most used preset because it channels lots of warmth, without over-saturating skin tones or pops of color. I love it’s versatility, heart and the way it helps me channel the inviting, calming spirit that I seek to create with all my images.

Chez Núñez – 02 Rosado

Rosado is the rose-colored, vintage-feeling preset of my dreams. I love the nostalgic, yet modern feeling it offers, and its a ability to bring a subtle pink hue to any scene, landscape or portrait.

Chez Núñez - 03 Domingo

Domingo is my Chez Núñez take on a slightly darker, moodier vibe. When creating this preset, I imagined photographing a still-life or portrait on a rainy afternoon, when the light has grown soft and dim. There’s a slightly higher contrast between highlights and shadows, and defined edges.

Chez Núñez – 04 Estudio

Although Estudio works in almost all scenarios, this preset was specifically designed with flatlays in mind! It keeps edges defined without looking too sharp, and brings out the natural color and beauty of our featured objects.

Chez Núñez – 05 Flora

Flora is the preset that eventually led to Classico. Although still closely related, this preset has a little bit more of a pink hue to it, with slightly brighter highlights, and works well in a variety of lighting scenarios.

Chez Núñez – 06 Puerto

Puerto is the Chez Núñez presets that merges the warm with the cool. While the warmth remains, this is our most ‘blue’ preset, with beautiful green tones and whites that are truly white.

Chez Núñez – 07 Noche

For this collection, I really wanted to create a black and white preset that also felt very warm and nostalgic at the same time. I arrived at this sepia feeling preset, called Noche, and love the vintage vibes that it gives us.