Cortez Necklace No. 2

Cortez Necklace No. 2


This item was made entirely by the hands of Anna Núñez

With that kind of love and process, come a variety of imperfections that may show in your Chez Núñez piece. Here in the shop, we celebrate those blemishes, as signs of their handmade quality and unique separation from one another.

Your item is truly one of a kind. How awesome is that?

To care for this piece: keep dry and store with love and thoughtfulness. If dropped with enough force, this jewelry is susceptible to breaks or cracks.

Materials used are non-toxic polymer clay and leather cord.

Length: approx. 32”

To adjust length, tie a new knot and cut accordingly. Chez Núñez is not responsible for trimming gone awry. So do handle your adjustments with care.


Once ordered, this item will ship within 3-5 business days.

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